Uhuru works with select clients to develop well-designed custom furniture for hotels, restaurants and office environments. Having developed hundreds of pieces, Uhuru's timeless aesthetic can be found in leading projects around the world.

Originally a custom design + build studio, Uhuru has over ten years of experience in concept development, prototyping and production. Our process is informed by a project or brand's larger design vision. We then create products by leveraging the expertise of our 60+ person team of industrial designers, design engineers, project managers, logistics specialists, wood workers, metal workers, finishing experts and upholsterers.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we design with manufacturing in mind. Similarly, environmental and social sustainability are cornerstones of our design and manufacturing methodologies.


Uhuru is expert in both design and manufacturing, having produced custom furniture in our factories for projects in America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our team works closely with designers, developers, property owners and procurement companies to manufacture Uhuru-designed, client-designed and OEM furniture and accessories with a detail focus born of high-end design.

Uhuru's manufacturing supply chain consists of four carefully-considered production centers that specialize in wood, metal, upholstery, stone and glass. From hotel room-in-a-box to high-end lobby furniture to restaurant millwork, our supply chain ensures clients receive high quality, sustainably produced products within budget.

For examples of our work visit: Uhuru Projects.