Uhuru's RISE height-adjustable desk, benching and private office system enhances the work experience by infusing it with the same genuine design and material sensibility Uhuru is known for. Available as an individual desk or in a system, RISE is built with user flexibility in mind.

RISE is designed to overcome the aesthetic sacrifice that typically comes with a sit-stand system. Our integrated desktop power management, wire track and electronic lift system reflect the MINIM collection's minimalist aesthetic while still allowing for a variety of customizations.


RISE can be situated as a stand-alone or row of desks, a benching system, or integrated into our MINIM private office collection. Additionally, our lifting components can be used with wood slab conference tables, breakout tables and in other common meeting areas.


Seemlessly integrated power is a major differentiator in our height-adjustable system. RISE is compatable with a wide variety of porting options and is designed for both power and data. For more options and pricing, contact our account management team here.


RISE was designed with privacy in mind. We offer three divider options to suit the needs of the flexible office space: STATIC, LIFT and NOOK. STATIC is a tackable felt or glass panel mounted between desks in our benching system. LIFT is a front-only felt or glass divider mounted to rise with the height-adjustable desk. NOOK is a three-sided felt nook designed to increase visual and aural privacy and rise with our height-adjustable desk.


A wide variety of users requires a wide variety of options. RISE comes standard with our SIMPLE up/down electronic controller system. For scenarios where users require specific height stops, our MEMORY controller comes in handy. For those seeking to set reminders, track their progress and have the option to control via their phone, SMART controller and app have a beautiful, easy to use interface for the next generation of desk-bound slave.


TOPS | Our desk tops are made from high-quality sustainably forested woods, and contract grade laminates:

BASES | Our steel bases are available in a variety of contract-grade powder coats:

DIVIDERS | Our dividers come in three types of wool felt or glass:


RISE Sit:Stand Line